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Itunes sync was the one feature in iOS where Apple lagged behind in comparison to Android Windows Telephone seven. But with the launching of the new iOS5, awaited features like background wireless syncing came along. Nonetheless, there is still folk who resist updating their iPhones to iOS5 because of the missing jailbreak and unlock. For them, Cydia programs like Free Sync perform background syncing with much ease. FreeSync is available on Cydia thru Xsellize repository absolutely free. The app is a tweak doesn't have an icon.

However, you can turn it off or on from the settings menu. Another cool feature the tweak offers is you can set your own custom wallpaper during sync if the app is disabled. There are numerous notification options which you can enable or disable from the settings app / free sync like undim screen, standing bar icon, HUD, Pulsing bar, alerts, vibrate play sound.

Another good feature added in is that the app permits you disable programs like iPod, Appstore Cydia during the sync. You simply have to install the app, connect it to iTunes and the syncing starts in the background immediately. We didn't observe any lag in performance or syncing issues after installing the app suggesting that the app functions quite smoothly. We might suggest this app to all iPhone users stuck on iOS four. Install tutu helper enjoy background syncing on iOS4 as never before.

Wow, Siri is getting more and more popular by the day, don't you think? Now, developers and jailbreakers are trying to get her on other iOS devices other than the newest iPhone 4S. Of course, with this economy, not everyone could get a new iPhone every time there's a new one released, right? So, people would naturally look for compromises (of course). Those are the options given by jailbreaking and by Cydia.

One of the jailbreak tricks that were looking forward so much is the Siri on the iPad. We have already seen the version of this one work on the iPhone 4, however, the down part of this trick in the iPhone 4 is that it does recognize voice commands. Let's not lose hope though, because the sun is shining brighter on the iPad brighter. Who ever said that Siri is just limited to phones? Siri could work just as awesome on iPad as well.

In order to let Siri work on the iPad, your iPad should be jailbroken. There are a number of new jailbreaks released all for the jailbreaking of the newest iOS 5. That shouldn't be any problem. Once the jailbreak has been released, you would now be able to access Siri on Cydia once it has been released.

When Siri was just being tested out, it was very laggy and slow. After a while, as mentioned in the past post, the artificial intelligence started to work just as smooth as the original. Regarding the ability to respond to voice commands there are theories that are being presented as to how this could be solved. There are certain spoofing techniques that could be applied, as well as it UI be used to query Google or TellMe.

Of course, this is going to take an amount of work that is definitely not easy. Only time will tell when this is going to happen and released.